couple kissing on a hillside in Provo Canyon, Utah

As a Utah Couples Photographer, my passion is to capture the unique love stories of couples as they journey through the various stages of life. Whether it's an engagement, maternity, or anniversary session, my goal is to capture the beauty of each couple's evolving relationship. Maternity sessions are so fun because they capture such a unique and life-changing stage. Last summer I had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful season with one of my long-time friends. We chose this iconic location in Provo because it has the most stunning mountain backdrop. It was such a gorgeous session and I am so excited to share these images with you!

hands holding pregnant belly
pregnant couple leaning foreheads together and smiling
pregnant woman sitting in husbands lap, looking back at each other, provo canyon
pregnant couple kissing and holding sonogram photo over belly
pregnant woman holding belly and looking over her shoulder
couple holding hands