I've spent countless hours exploring Utah Valley and the surrounding areas to find the most gorgeous spots to capture memories. When you book with me I send over my detailed Location Guide to help you pick the perfect spot for your shoot, but it can still be overwhelming deciding which spot is best for you. In this blog post, I've included a 5 tips to help you when looking through my location guide to ensure you are happy with the location you decide on.

One - Backdrop

The most obvious thing you want to take into consideration when choosing your location is the type of backdrop you want. Many people don't think too hard about the backdrop because, of course, they are going to be the center of the photograph. And while that's true, the backdrop of your photo adds so much to the character and overall vibe of your photos! There are so many options, from mountains and waterfalls to the Salt Flats and sand dunes. Here in Utah, there is so much variety, you can get almost any backdrop you want. Even an ocean looking backdrop next to the Great Salt Lake!

Two - Consider the Season

We are so blessed here in Utah to have all of the amazing seasons. While they offer a wonderful variety of backdrops throughout the year it adds something more to consider when choosing a location and time of year you book. The season can greatly impact your photo's aesthetics. Whether it's a backdrop of blooming flowers in the spring, golden summer sunsets, colorful fall foliage, or winter's snowy landscapes, each offers a unique vibe. I offer a few indoor locations so no need to worry about being in the cold during the winter if that's something you're concerned about. Also, keep in mind that some locations are blocked off in Winter and Early Spring due to snowfall!

Three - Locations with special meaning

Choosing a location that has personal significance can add so much emotion to a photo. Whether it be the place you first met, got engaged, or even just a place you love to frequent. Choosing somewhere you love and have been before can also help you loosen up and be more comfortable in front of the camera. My location guide is meant to offer some guidance if you have no clue where to go, but I am always down to check out new spots if you are dying to have your photos there!

four - crowds

Every year Utah gets more and more people and that means our favorite photoshoot locations tend to get a little crowded. These spots are oftentimes worth the crowds but it can sometimes be intimidating posing for the camera surrounded but a bunch of people! I don't mind editing people out of the backgrounds of your photos, but if you would rather go somewhere away from the crowds be sure to let me know and I can go over the least busy locations in my guide.

Five - drive time

When choosing a spot, make sure to take into consideration how far the drive is! While you and your spouse may be down for an hour's drive to a stunning mountain location, it may not be best for a family photo shoot or if you want to include your pets in the photos. Let's be honest, no one likes driving far, and unfortunately, it may lead to fussy kids. But don't stress if that's the case, Utah has so many gorgeous spots everywhere that you likely don't have to drive far to find somewhere that will be perfect for your next photoshoot. However, if you're willing to drive the extra time, there are so many beautiful and unique locations all around us!