Hello to all my wonderful clients! Thank you so much for booking me! I know that deciding what to wear for your photoshoot can be so overwhelming. I decided to make this guide to give you some guidelines to help you look the best for your photoshoot! I can't wait to work together!

Choosing Colors

Neutral colors are my absolute go-to when it comes to photos. Think cream, olive, or blue. Wearing bright colors can distract the attention away from you! And in twenty years when you are looking back on these photos, you don't want to be focused on your clothing. You want the focus to be on you and your beautiful memories!

You also need to consider the location and time of year when deciding what colors to wear. Most of my shoots are outdoors and wearing colors that will stand out from the background while also complimenting it is so important. For example, wearing a cream dress for a forest shoot against green trees is so beautiful! It helps you stand out but keeps the focus on you and not your clothing. On the other hand, wearing a cream dress in a snowy field will cause you to get lost in the background!

One last note. Avoid wearing clothing with logos or distracting patterns, small patterns are ok and can be tasteful if done right!

Comfort is Key!

While it can be so fun to get dolled up it's also important to remember to wear something you are comfortable in. Not just comfortable standing in, but moving in as well! It can be hard to get natural relaxed photos if your clothes are too tight or you are worried about being at the wrong angle and flashing everyone! Try your outfit on before and dance around the house! If you can move freely then you are good to go! Trust me, I've made the mistake of wearing something too tight to get portraits done, and the whole time I was pulling my skirt down to make sure it didn't ride up too high. I definitely look stiff in the photos because the whole time I was worried about my clothing!


Coordinating outfits can be such a headache. And the more people you add the more confusing it can get! Here are a few things to follow to make it easier and make sure that everybody looks great together.

Coordinating couples is much easier than coordinating a family. I usually recommend women wear a dress, although that's totally up to you, because it makes it less complicated to match your partners outfit. Keep patterns down to one piece of clothing between the both of you. It can be really difficult to match patterns and having too many can be distracting! Jeans are a good go-to for bottoms because they usually go with everything. From there just follow the guidelines I've given for choosing colors and you will look great!

Time for families! You'll follow some of the same guidelines that I gave to couples. Keep patterns to a minimum. One pattern per group, and keep in mind your eyes will be drawn to whoever is wearing that pattern! So for families with only one child, it can be really cute to have them wear a pattern! For families with more children, I usually recommend saving the pattern for one of the parents. Depending on the size of your family stick with two or three main colors. For bottoms wear something neutral but try not to mix too many colors. Jeans are a good go-to. Keep in mind the guidelines I gave for choosing colors and make sure to lay out all the outfits next to each other beforehand so you can make sure they look good together

Hair & Makeup

I just have a few simple guidelines here! Keep it light! Dark makeup doesn't photograph well so keep it bright and natural! As far as hair goes the only guideline I have is to avoid slicking it back if you have long hair! Any photos we take from the front will make it look like your hair has disappeared!

Most Importantly....

Be yourself!!! I know I gave a lot of guidelines but the most important thing is to be yourself. These are your photos, you don't want to look like a completely different person! If you have something of cultural, religious, or personal significance wear it! I'm so excited to capture photos that are uniquely you!